Teeth in a day...

CEREC® One visit Dentistry

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® is the very latest technology which enables the dental clinic to create your Crown, Veneer or Porcelain restoration in the dental clinic in approximately 45 minutes. CEREC® Works with a 3D Tomography machine and computer assisted technology to create or restore your teeth with perfect precision. 

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Instead of using a putty impression to take a model of your exisitng tooth shape, the dentist takes a digital impression using a wand camera. The image is then converted into a 3D computer model of your tooth which is used as a guide to design your new tooth or complete smile line. Once our cosmetic dentist is happy with the newly designed tooth, this data is sent to an onsite milling machine, which fabricates your new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block.

We are one of the few dental clinics in Turkey that offer this technology at a fraction of the cost in your home country. The cost of one Porcelain Crown or Laminate Veneer using CEREC® is £260 

Benefits of CEREC®

There is no need to wait a long period of time for your smile makeover, you can have all your treatment in just one day and spend more time enjoying your time in Turkey.

 You do not need to spend days with temporary teeth

Dental putty is not used to take dental impressions.

The dentist has total control of the final result. When a Crown is made in a laboratory it is both the dentist and the laboratory that is important to ensure a good end result is achieved. 

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