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Black & White Pricing

Our Black & White Pricing Policy

 Low prices appeal to all of us. We look for a great deal on everything, from our homes to our monthly bills. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money. However, when searching online for low cost dentistry it is important that you fully understand your quotation.

 As an example, many companies are offering cheap dental implants abroad for as little as 199 GBP. What they do not explain is that in order to complete the treatment you also need the small attachment (also known as an abutment) and the crown itself. When you arrive at the clinic you learn that the clinic is charging 499 GBP for the abutment and another 399 GBP for the implant crown, bringing your treatment total to a shocking: 1,097 GBP

At Dental Centre Turkey we believe in Black and White pricing. We want our dental patients to have a true quotation that represents all the treatment they need before they step foot on the plane.

We continually attempt to put some honesty and simplicity back into the price of dentistry without compromising quality in anyway.

The prices we show and send out in our quotations are fully inclusive of everything necessary to complete your treatment including; consultation, X-Ray’s, numbing injections, laboratory fees, the dentists time and products required to completed the treatments listed.

You will be collected for every dental appointment from your accommodation and taken to our dental clinic, once your appointments have finished you will be returned to your accommodation. You do not see any charges in relation to this as this service is free of charge.

*If you have booked your hotel 100 miles away before booking your treatment with us the pick-up service may not be possible, however last year we provided this service to 99% of our patients.

Please note that we do not charge for our dental advice, assistance with organising flights and accommodation, standard dental X-Ray’s or the removal of old Crowns or Veneers, all of these services are free of charge. Click here>> to view our Dental Prices
Need to know anything else about the costs of your Dental Treatment Abroad?
Payment Options:

Payments are quoted in GBP although you can pay in Euros, USD or Turkish Lira if you prefer. Where the currency is different to GBP it is calculated at the national bank exchange rate of that given day. We also accept payments via Visa & MasterCard however an additional charge can be made by the bank in Turkey. You can also make an internet bank transfer or pay via Pay Pal directly in the clinic waiting room.

Dental Insurance:

We are in partnership with Medical Travel Shield www.medicaltravelshield.com If you are travelling abroad for Dental Treatment or Cosmetic Surgery check your standard travel insurance; chances are it will not cover you if you are going abroad for treatment. So, you need a specialist insurance product. Medical Travel Shield offers the particular insurance you need. 

An example of the policy and cover is below (The price is determined depending on the length of your holiday and your age). For more information visit their website or to receive a quote, complete the online application form Apply here. 

Typically the policy covers the following:

If you have dental insurance and you are planning on a refund from your insurance company in part or full we are happy to supply all the information you need and help you to complete your insurance forms and paperwork.
As an example Medical Shield Dental Treatment Cover: £62.23
                    Dental Guarantee:                              
Our Dental Implants come with a lifetime guarantee. All Crowns, Bridges, Veneers, Lumineers, Dentures and Fillings have a 5 year guarantee, provided you attend dental and hygiene check-ups once a year and any failure is not cause by external force or trauma.

Discounts/ Special Offers:

It is our policy to keep all our prices as low as possible. We do offer discounts in some cases depending on the amount of treatment. If you are planning a lot of dental treatment we may be able to offer you a small discount.

Our prices remain the lowest they can be without cutting any corners. We only use the best quality materials, supplies and technology in our dental clinics and you can be sure that you are getting the best dentistry for the best possible prices

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